Shine a Light On It

On and off the better part of my life I've been in a state of dieting or not caring at all. In the majority of those not caring times I knew I was making terrible choices and not treating my body well, but for the vast majority of the time, I didn't know it was… Continue reading Shine a Light On It

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Idols, Idols Everywhere

If you've taken basic science or are a fairly observant person, you probably understand that living organisms require some source of energy/nutrients to sustain basic life.  Consumption is necessary. Or you eventually shut down. So hey, we gotta eat.  But somewhere along the way I got off the track on eating to sustain live and… Continue reading Idols, Idols Everywhere

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The Reckoning

I can't believe I'm here. Again. And yet, I can. So let's start with a little housekeeping. This isn't really for you, it's for me. If nobody ever stumbles upon this little blog that's A-okay. But I don't do well with handwritten journals, so here we are. I'm back on the road to getting healthy.… Continue reading The Reckoning